Industrial Permits

These forms may be downloaded for the purpose of applying for an air pollution permit in Hamilton County and its municipalities. These forms may be filled out in Adobe or printed blank and filled out manually.

Minor/Synthetic Minor Source Forms
Form Number Description
E001 Basic Application
F001 Synthetic Minor Application 
E010 Process Equipment Application
E010A Surface Coating Operation Application 
E011 Fuel Burning Equipment Application 
E012 Incinerator Application
E013 Odor/Miscellaneous Equipment Application
E014 Minor Pollution Source Application
E102 Baghouse Equipment Data 
E103 Wet Scrubbing Device Data
E104 Electrostatic Precipitator Equipment Data
E105 Inertial Separator Equipment Data
E106 Pollution Estimation Form (Process Equipment)
E107 General Control Equipment Application Form 
E108 Adsorption Systems Application 
E109 Afterburner (Thermal/Catalytic) Equipment Data
E110 Pollution Estimation Form (Fuel Burning Equipment)
E111 Masking Agent or Odor Counteragent Application
E112 Flare Combustion Application
E113 Absorption Device Applcation (Gas Absorption, Towers, Venturi Scrubber, etc)


Part 70 Major Source Forms
Form Number Description
70-Index Index of Air Pollution Permit Application Forms
70-01 Facility Identification
70-02 Operations and Flow Diagrams
70-03 Stack Identification
70-04 Fuel Burning Equipment
70-06 Storage Tanks
70-07 Incineration
70-08 Printing Operations
70-09 Painting & Coating Operations
70-10 Miscellaneous Processes
70-11 Control Equipment - Miscellaneous - General Control Equipment (GCE)
70-12 Condensers
70-13 Adsorbers
70-14 Control Equipment - Catalytic or Thermal Oxidation
70-15 Control Equipment - Cyclones/Settling Chambers
70-16 Control Equipment - Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
70-17 Control Equipment - Wet Collection System
70-18 Control Equipment - Baghouse/Fabric Filters
70-19 Compliance Certifiation - Monitoring and Reporting - Description of Methods Used for Determining Compliance
70-20 Compliance Demonstration by Continuous Emissions Monitoring
70-21 Compliance Demonstration by Portable Monitors
70-22 Compliance Demonstration by Monitoring Control System Parameters or Operating Parameters of a Process
70-23 Compliance Demonstration by Monitoring Maintenance Procedures
70-24 Compliance Demonstration by Stack Testing
70-25 Compliance Demonstration by Fuel Sampling and Analysis
70-26 Compliance Demonstration by Recordkeeping
70-27 Compliance Demonstration by Other Methods
70-28 Emissions from Process Emission Source/Fuel Burning Equipment/Incinerator
70-29 Emissions Summary for the Facility or for the Sources Contained in this Application
70-30 Current Emissions Requirements and Status
70-31 Compliance Plan and Compliance Certification