Minor/Synthetic Minor Sources

Who Needs An Air Pollution Control State Operating Permit?

Persons or companies planning to operate an air contaminant source require an operating permit from the Air Pollution Control Bureau. Minor and synthetic minor permits are required for companies that are classified as the following: 

Minor Sources

Companies that have the potential to emit pollution but do not meet the major source criteria are under this classification. Minor source companies must obtain a Certificate of Operation for each piece of equipment or process that may release pollutants into the air. Special operating conditions are developed for each certificate to ensure compliance with all application rules and regulations. The minor sources are subject to the same regulations as Part 70 major sources and synthetic minor sources.

Synthetic Minor Sources

These pollution sources have the potential to emit what would be considered major source levels of air pollutants, subjecting them to Part 70 requirements, but have agreed to enforceable permit limitations to reduce their potential to emit. As long as these sources do not violate the conditions which are placed in their current Certificates of Operation, they are not subject to Part 70 requirements and fees.

Installation Permits

All industries that are potential sources of air pollution, unless specifically exempt as determined in the Air Pollution Ordinance, Section 4-56(c)(11) and (12), must receive an installation permit before constructing, installing, or reconstructing any equipment that has the potential to emit air pollutants. Installation permits contain emissions limitations and operating requirements that must be agreed to by the source prior to receiving the permit. A Certificate of Operation must be issued, or a Part 70 permit application must be received, prior to operating the equipment. In addition, all installation permits, with the exception of New Source Review (NSR) cases, which may require more time,  are required to undergo a 30 day public participation opportunity period.


Minor/Synthetic Minor Source Forms